‘Moon’ is in a magazine

Jared Gulian in the olive groveI’ve got great news. Wairarapa Lifestyle Magazine recently interviewed me for their spring issue, and they’re going to be publishing an ongoing series from ‘Moon over Martinborough.’ They’ve even slapped a picture of me on the Spring 2009 cover, which I find vaguely embarrassing.

This was my first time ever being interviewed, and it was a very strange experience. Imagine: you’re sitting there talking with somebody over a cup of tea, and it feels like a normal conversation. However, there’s a tape recorder on the table, and any offhanded comment you make could end up in print.

The spring issue is out now. In it they published the interview and a two-page spread of my story about our chickens, ‘Old Man Henry and the chook house race wars.‘ There’s a very big picture of Henry.

My friends have accused me of pimping my rooster.

When I started this blog just six months ago, I was worried nobody would read it. But it’s already getting over 2,000 pageviews a month and so many nice people are leaving comments. Thank you! And now selected posts are being syndicated in a quarterly magazine with a 10,000 copy print run. You can imagine I’m pretty happy ’bout that.

Here’s the cover.

And here’s the interview.

Thanks Wairarapa Lifestyle!

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17 thoughts on “‘Moon’ is in a magazine

  1. Sarah

    Congratulations! You so deserve this. Your writing is quality and deserves a large audience. You have the ability to weave everyday tales into the most attention grabbing stories. Wishing you all the very best and hope you’ve got a secret bottle of special wine tucked away to celebrate!

  2. Sebastian

    You’re now a rock star – producing moody intellectual material if the black turtle neck is a sign.

    To paraphrase a popular singer –

    So what, I’m a rock star
    I got my rock moves and I don’t need you
    And guess what, I’m havin’ more fun
    And now that we’re done I’m gonna show you tonight

  3. Charlie

    Congrats “Hottie”! I just knew it was simply a matter of time until you showed up on SOME magazine cover! New goal: next Fall you are chosen to be a participant at the International Writers’ Workshop, Iowa City, Iowa; we hang out for the 3 whole months, followed everywhere by the papparatzi as we visit chicken coops and cow sheds! Love from your biggest “groupie”

  4. Aarene

    Wahooooo! Congrats, Jared!

    I agree with aglassofwine: surely a book contract cannot be far away. Great photos too, of you and Old Man Henry.

  5. Ronna

    My dear Jared, my heart sings for you! For so many long long years you have kept on and on. Congratulations! You write beautifully.

  6. casalba

    That’s great news. I read this site because you write so well. Really pleased for you that your lifestyle and blog have been highlighted. P.S. You make a great cover boy!

  7. Marie

    I am delighted you found me on Twitter so I could find your blog. I recently learned how to can foods from my garden, but must say I am jealous of your olive experience.

  8. Lore Leseberg

    We are recent arrivals to NZ and only last week visited the Wairarapa for the first time. It reminds us of the Cape in South Africa where we come from.
    At the info.office they gave us the Lifestyle magazine and thus got to know the hilarious tale of Old Henry. I am busy catching up on all the other stories – you got yourself another fan !

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