‘Moon’ is an ONYA finalist

Onya FinalistGreat news. I’ve just learned that ‘Moon over Martinborough’ is a finalist in the very exciting ONYA awards.

The ONYAs celebrate those who design, develop and create New Zealand’s best websites and applications.

One of the judges said, “Jared’s blog is engaging and entertaining; he is taking the Wairarapa to the World and doing so with aplomb…”

I’m one of three finalists in the ‘Best content (personal)’ category. Woo hoo! Check out the other great finalists I’m rubbing shoulders with.

Not bad for a blog about chickens and olives, eh?

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12 thoughts on “‘Moon’ is an ONYA finalist

  1. Candace

    This is wonderful news! You so deserve to have your talent acknowledged and rewarded. You get my vote!

  2. Ruby

    Woohooo – who would have thought back in the days of the WCC standards dept you would one day receive this recognition! One day I will be able to say “I used to annoy that guy daily when he was just one of us” Go you good thing!

  3. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Winners will be announced 19th February 2010 at the ONYAs awards ceremony, but (and I really mean this) I’m just thrilled to be a finalist.

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