Interview with a Martinborough runner

Man in orange T-shirts running down gravel roadWhen the folks over at read my recent post, Running up Te Muna Road, they asked me if I wouldn’t mind being interviewed for their monthly ‘Interview with a runner’ feature.

I said, “Huh?”

I’m no serious runner. I mean, I love running but I’m a wimpy hobby runner.

I run 5k and I practically need rehab. You should see the other runners they’ve interviewed over there. Supermoms who do grueling 50K trail runs without batting an eye. Italians who’ve run countless marathons. And even professional runners like Karl Metzer, who has single-handedly won over 50 ‘Ultras’.

I don’t even know what an ‘Ultra’ is!

Regardless, there I am on now, SuperWimp among Olympians, being interviewed about running. Go figure.

Big thanks to (But are you guys sure you didn’t make some mistake?)

Also, big thanks to our friend Will, who was taking a stroll and snapping pictures as I ran by on Te Muna Road. The picture above (and on is by him.

Check out the ‘Interview with a SuperWimp‘ over on

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4 thoughts on “Interview with a Martinborough runner

  1. Domestic Executive

    You make running sound romantic. Despite the fact I was an athlete for many years but that was 20 years ago. I tried to pick up running 2 years ago when I joined a jog squad but it was painful and I ducked out of the race – Rimutaka Incline as it was a week after we moved into our house and I could hardly walk with exhaustion let alone run 17km. I think running and cycling in Martinborough is fantastic – mostly flat open roads with wineries to distract you!

  2. princess leelee

    Wow, Jared, not only are you a totally fabulous ambassador for Martinborough, you are an inspiration. The wolf got out running after reading your blog, Running up Te Muna Road, and I got out walking, feeling the earth underfoot and enjoying the olive groves and vineyard vistas. I ran the Wellington around the Bays when I was a teenager, I am sure it was 10kms that felt like a 100! I twice walked 30miles when I was 8 and again when I was 9, from Hamilton to Raglan to raise money for the volunteer ambulance, so walking is more my thing, but hey you re-inspired me. Thank you.

  3. Sy

    OK, so let me get this right. I did a 13 mile run on Sunday. The closest I got to a mountain was running up the last hill on the way home through the concrete jungle that is where I live. And you. You. YOU. Get to run in surroundings like that? Look…I liked you before I saw that photo, but now I am having second thoughts. You need to start posting photos of concrete and tall buildings and running around people who wont get out of the way to rebuild my trust.

    In unrelated news…I am so jealous of where you get to run. I guess I didnt make it clear in the comment above huh?

    1. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

      Sorry Sy. Don’t hate me because my landscape is beautiful. :-)

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