My first radio interview

Kapiti IslandIn February 2010 I was interviewed for a Kapiti Coast community access radio show. Thank goodness CJ offered to drive to the Kapiti Coast for the interview, because I hate mountain roads.

You can listen to the interview at the end of this post.

After nearly two hours of twisting and turning through two difficult mountain passes, we finally found ourselves looking straight out across the Tasman Sea from on high. The long, lovely shape of the Kapiti Island bird sanctuary lay the foreground.

Community radio

At our Thanksgiving party back in November my friend Steve asked me if he could interview me for his show on Coast Access Radio 104.9FM.

Every month he interviews a different person from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) community.

At the station

Coast Access RadioI showed up at the radio station with Steve, having left publicity-shy CJ happily ensconced in Steve’s home cinema with Steve’s partner and housemates. (CJ would rather watch the new Star Trek movie than be on the radio any day.)

Steve and I were greeted by Graeme, a retired minister who manages the radio station and does the recording work for Steve.

Graeme had already listened to one of my podcasts. He was incredibly nice and we chatted about Garrison Keillor, an American storyteller we both really like.

Then the three of us sat down – Graeme behind an enormous mixing board run by a Mac computer, and Steve and I in front of the two largest microphones on the planet.

Even though it was just community access radio and Steve is a friend, I couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous with that mammoth microphone in front of me.

The audio file is below. Just click on the play button. The entire thing is 28 minutes, but if you skip the two songs and the podcast, the interview is only 14 minutes.

Could you tell I was nervous?

Note: This interview took place back when I was still calling CJ ‘Rick’ on the blog. So when you hear me mention ‘Rick’ it’s really CJ! Read about the name change here.

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8 thoughts on “My first radio interview

      1. Ruby

        No you knob, I’m homesick for Kapiti & Wellington and hearing your voice reminds me of them

  1. casalba

    No, I couldn’t tell you were nervous. I’d rather have watched a film than go live, too. BTW any chance of seeing some of those roof tiles? I’m intrigued.

    1. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

      I might have to write a blog post just about CJ’s roof tiles!

  2. Diane

    At first you seemed nervous, but seemed to get more comfortable as the interview progressed. The song you dedicated at the end was perfect. Well done, as always!

  3. Aunt Charlie

    Whaddayamean, skip the 2 songs and podcast? I advise listening to the entire 28 minutes. I smiled alot, loved the music, teared-up a bit with gratitude (remembering where I was while you were off being a Kaptiti rock star.) Thank you for sharing this goodness with us all.

  4. Aunt Charlie

    Addendum: (I meant “Kapiti”) I didn’t detect nervousness, just your charming descriptions and passion behind your statements.

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