Windy day on Radio New Zealand

Sun on the fence by the olive groveIt was howling a gale outside when Amelia from Radio New Zealand showed up at my door. We immediately headed out for a walk through the paddocks. She had a black box hanging from her side, and she was holding two very large, imposing microphones.

When the gusts picked up she would jump from one side of me to the other, trying to block the noisy wind with her body and always holding one of the microphones in front of my mouth. I tried to pretend like this was normal, and I continued answering whatever question she’d asked.

I took Amelia to meet the olive grove, the river, the pigs, and the chooks. Afterwards we returned to the shelter of the house, drank some sweet fennel tea, and tasted our olive oil.

Radio New Zealand logoIn total I answered questions for almost two hours. By the time it was over my voice was raspy and I could barely remember what I’d said.

So I was nervous last night when CJ and I curled up on the couch together to listen to ‘Country Life’ on Radio New Zealand National. I’m still not entirely sure if I sounded like a rambling, maniacal doofus or not.

What do you think? Is that the sound of a doofus?

You can listen to the ‘Moon over Martinborough’ interview (edited down to 24 minutes) on the Radio New Zealand website. (Note that at the time of the interview, I was still calling CJ by his pseudonym of ‘Rick’. So don’t let that confuse you! ‘Rick’ is CJ.)

Don’t miss the 3-minute ‘bonus audio’ where I talk about the late blooming love of Old Man Henry and Francoise the Aracauna. There’s also a gallery of my pictures from the property.

And tell me… doofus or no?


Moon over Martinborough interview (24:35)
A visit to our Martinborough olive grove to see how CJ and I are faring with our trees.

Bonus audio: Henry and Francoise (3:09)
Chicken heartbreak. The story of the late blooming love of Old Man Henry and Francoise the Aracauna.

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20 thoughts on “Windy day on Radio New Zealand

  1. Nancy

    The campground in New Hampshire, where we are staying, asks that we not download files so I will have to wait until I get home to listen to you. Rats! I doubt that you sounded like a doofus.

  2. Domestic Executive

    Look forward to listening to this on my ipod. Incidentely, broke open my bottle of MoM olive oil last night for my salad leaves. It was delicious. Congratulations on the Country Life piece.

  3. Diane

    Definitely NO doofus! I loved the interview especially the comments left by Lucy and Kowhai. I’m now trying to figure out how to save it to my iPod!

  4. Paul Wiggins

    Listening to it in Sydney. Some of the most delightful radio I’ve heard in years.

  5. Judith

    No, not a doofus. I’ve just been listening to the repeat this morning, and I’m off to the website to listen to the bonus segment. You sounded great!

  6. Emma

    Not a doofus! I woke up to your story and was so impressed with the storytelling, which was fantastic and endearing in equal amounts. I loved your pigs and now long for our Wairarapa summer and own swimming hole more than ever.

    1. Murray Seymour

      Definitely not a doofus,one of this years better stories on Country Life,made me very envious of your life style.

  7. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

    Thank you all for such nice comments! I really am relieved it’s all over because I was just so worried I’d sound like a fool.

    Now the blog traffic is through the roof! I normally get around 100 page views a day and already today (at only 11:15am) it’s up to 864! That’s my highest traffic in one day EVER. Thanks to Amelia and Radio New Zealand!

  8. Irene Coleman

    I was lying in bed drinking a cup of (black ) tea listening to Country Life on Saturday morning & I wanted to leap out of bed to see photos of Lucy & Kowhai & the olive grove. However I resisted for a couple of hours so , no ,not a hint of doofus . It was charming .
    Amelia Nurse is a great radio interviewer too ,so thanks to all concerned

  9. James Dickson

    I loved the interview and it sounded as though Amelia did too! It is inspiring that you took on such a monumental task and derive so much pleasure from it. I would love to know more and will follow up your blog.

  10. Victoria Evans

    I love it. You’ve made me even more determined to end up living in New Zealand with chooks and maybe even a Kunekune to go with my Maine Coon(ie). And definately NO DOOFUS in that interview!

  11. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

    Thanks all. Saturday the blog ended up with over 1,600 page views, and I’m really pleased with the response. Amazing!

  12. Glenn

    Coming home on Saturday morning from a long night at the firehouse tuned in heard your story, sounded so good I thought I might like to visit, so glad you came to New Zealand!

  13. probligo

    I am a regular (every week) listener to Country Life. It is one of the few remaining links I have with my past. I am also a fairly regular visitor here. Put the two together…

    No, never a doofus. That is my trade. :-)

  14. Inge

    Doofus, I’m afraid……. Nah, just kidding – it was too tempting following all the accolades.

    I am, as always, in awe of your marketing talents.

    1. Moon Over Martinborough Post author

      Oh no! I’d rather sound like a doofus than a marketer! :-) The term ‘marketing’ makes me think of a kind of calculated insincerity. I’m just talking about what I love, and what I’m passionate about. That’s all.

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