Book launch media roundup

Jared Gulian reading at the Moon Over Martinborough book launchToday is the biggest full moon of 2013 — a Supermoon as it’s called. So I’m publishing a Superpost. I’m listing all the incredible things that have happened since I launched my book with Random House New Zealand on 7 June.

It all started a couple days before the big launch when I heard someone walk in our front door and call out, “What’s for lunch?” I thought, “That sounds like my mom… but of course it couldn’t be. She lives in Michigan.”

In fact, she’d come all this way to surprise me and attend the book launch. CJ was in on the secret. It was great having her here. She represented all my loved ones back in Michigan.

Book launch

The launch at the Martinborough Wine CentreΒ  and the Village Cafe was incredible. We had a great turnout and everybody had a really good time. We served food from several of the recipes that appear in the book:

  • Aussie Bronwyn’s Gluten-free Foccacia — dipped in Moon Over Martinborough olive oil
  • John’s Pork Belly Crackling on the Barbie
  • and of course the now famous Carrot Cake.

Several of my favorite Martinborough wineries very generously supplied the wine:

Nicola Legat, publishing director of Random House New Zealand, kindly came down from Auckland and gave a speech telling the story of how she came across my book. Then I said a few words and did a short reading from the book. After that we had a book signing. It all very much felt like being a Real Live Author.

You can listen to the speeches in YouTube clip at the bottom of this Superpost.

NZ Bestseller

The best news of all is that the book made it to #4 on the NZ non-fiction bestseller list! I guess I’m now officially a bestselling author. Go figure.

Newspaper article

  • Dominion Post – ‘Reaching for the Moon’ by Nikki MacDonald

Radio interviews

TV interview

Reporters from TVNZ’s Breakfast (a major morning news and talk show) came out and filmed a segment which should be televised next week. I’ll post about it when it airs. (See post: TVNZ’s Breakfast visits the Moon.)

Book reviews

Book reviews have appeared in a range of periodicals — from farming newspapers to gay magazines.

Web-based articles

Book extracts

An excerpt from the book (about bringing home Old Lady Lucy the geriatric pig) appeared in 6 of New Zealand’s regional newspapers:

  • Bay of Plenty Times
  • Rotorua Daily Post
  • Hawke’s Bay Today
  • Wanganui Chronicle
  • Wairarapa-Times Age
  • Oamaru Mail

Community access radio

I’ve also had the good fortune to get coverage on two community access ration programs:


I wish I could take credit for all of this publicity, but I can’t. I have a magical thing called a publicist. It’s like having a fairy god mother. Her name is Jennifer Balle and she’s at Random House. She is amazing. Thank you Jennifer!

Launch speeches


  • Image by Diane Pape (Thanks Mom!)
  • Video – Recording by Naya Brangenberg of Longbush Free Range Pork. Editing help from Mike McClelland (my uncle back in Michigan!).

30 thoughts on “Book launch media roundup

  1. kirsten bett

    Great news being #4nz non-fiction! I will be buying your book soon and will enjoy it as much as your blogs. Thanks for putting Wairarapa on the map! Kirsten

    1. Jared Post author

      Thanks Kirsten, I was particularly happy about that best seller list as it means people are enjoying the book. But I can’t take credit for putting Wairarapa on the map! A lot of hard working people did that long before I came along. :-)

    1. Jared Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. I think perhaps there must be a special test on cast sheep in grammar school for Kiwis. If not, there definitely should be.

  2. Maria

    Congratulations, Jared!! You’re officially a celebrity now! The whole affair is just so brilliant! I’m getting both a hard copy and digital version. Also, I’m about out of that wonderful oil…I need to place a new order– I’ll do that soon! Much love and congratulations!!!!

  3. judithhb

    Congratulations – I think I saw a copy in our bookshop and its also available at the Wellington Public Library so as I have very little space for books, and as I am going away very soon, I have reserved a copy.

  4. Candace

    Jared, Thanks for this “super moon blog” that gives all your fans a view of the spectacular launch month. I am so happy for you and your much deserved success. I love the interviews too – you speak as well as you write! And kudos to CJ too. All great writers need supporting partner! Share this bright shining moment!

    1. Jared Post author

      Thanks so much Candace. Yes, CJ has been a very supportive partner. He’s put up with my writing for a long time. There should be a special support group for writer’s partners. (But that’s maybe a bad idea. They might revolt.)

  5. Mike Mckay

    I’m having to fight Roslyn for a turn reading your book. Oh why did we not buy two? Let this be a lesson all can learn from!

    We caught you on the radio Jared and you sounded like an old hand at this, not a first timer at all. Good going!

  6. orange kiwi (@oranjekiwi)

    I am so happy. Last night I got home to Featherston by bus at around 8pm. The trains weren’t going, it had took me three hours to get to work in the morning. The supermoon was out like a big signpost: You’ve won, you’ve won. And I had! At home my copy of Moon over Martinborough was waiting on the table to be unpacked – I was one of the eight winners of the Your Weekend/Random House competition! Happy! Though Orange Man was a bit disappointed as he had bought the book as the perfect gift for my birthday next week…

    1. Jared Post author

      Congratulations! How nice that you won. At least your household will never be at risk of suffering from the ‘His & Hers’ copy needs that others (above) are suffering from! Hope you enjoy the book. Both copies. :-)

  7. Sarah

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments :-) you sure have come a long way! Could you tell me when you’ll have more olive oil for sale on your website??

    1. Jared Post author

      Hi Sarah – Thanks so much. It’s a funny time of year as we’re selling out of the 2012 oil and the 2013 oil isn’t online yet. I did post this pic on Twitter last night. I hope to have the new oil in the online shop in the next couple of months. Will post when it’s there!

  8. Timo from Finland

    Congrats Jared! It’s so nice to hear that everything went well at the book launch and that the book has been well received.

  9. Domestic Executive (@domesticexec)

    Congratulations on the launch Jared, when you see all that you’ve done I’m full of even more admiration. I am saving my book to take on holiday where I won’t get distracted or feel guilty about indulging in what I know is a wonderful book from my sneak peeks.

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