Tilly Lloyd reviews Moon Over Martinborough

Tilly Lloyd: Image credit CHRIS SKELTON-FairfaxNZ

Image credit: Chris Skelton FairfaxNZ

Tilly Lloyd is the Book Goddess of Unity Books, an award-winning independent bookshop in Wellington and one of my most favorite bookstores on the planet. She reviewed my book on Newstalk ZB the other day. Follow the link  to hear the 5-minute chat.

Newstalk ZB – Tilly Lloyd reviews ‘Moon’

8 thoughts on “Tilly Lloyd reviews Moon Over Martinborough

  1. Laura Geier

    Congratulations! I bought your book on Kindle the other day and just finished it. It was fantastic, and I was moved to write my own Amazon review for it (my first…5 stars, of course, but only 3 lines…oh well). Now I’m going to have to scroll back through your blog to see what’s happened on your farm where the book leaves off!

  2. Gilli

    Oo. I didn’t know it was on Kindle. I am enjoying the paper version, but wanted to gift it to others who have Kindle.
    My daughter is itching it steal it from me to read herself (she is 12 years old)!

    1. Jared Post author

      I love that your daughter wants to read it too. She must be very clever. She clearly has exceptional taste.

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