The making of the book trailer

Moon Over Martinborough by Jared GulianSometimes the right people land on your front door at just the right time. That’s what happened when I was thinking about a book trailer and two fabulous HelpX volunteers  came to stay with us: Emilie and Jeremie.

I didn’t realize right away just how kind the universe was being.

Emilie and Jeremie are two of the nicest, smartest, most passionate people CJ and I have ever met. They’re a young French couple, and we loved having them at our house. Not only did they work incredibly hard around the property, but we thoroughly enjoyed their company. To top it all off, they took turns cooking us some amazing meals.

As we got to know them, we learned that while Jeremie is a physics technician, he’s passionate  about photography, especially landscapes and nature. He showed us his photography, and it’s really good. Emilie has a kind, gentle spirit with a beautiful smile, and she’s a talented professional video editor and a bit of a director as well. They’re both visual storytellers.

They told us how they were filming a training video for a local abattoir, and it suddenly dawned on me.

“Have you guys ever made a book trailer?”

Together they made me a beautiful book trailer, and I’m really pleased with it. As far as I’m concerned, they’re a pair of geniuses.

Check out the clip below. What do you think?

Thanks Emilie and Jeremie! Big thanks also to Random House New Zealand for supporting this crazy idea.

Director and editor: Emilie Giglio
Videographer: Jeremie Freiburger
Music: Feel Good Acoustic Ukulele from Akashic Records via Jamendo

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23 thoughts on “The making of the book trailer

    1. Jared Post author

      Yes, I think it suits the book because Emilie and Jeremie read bits of the blog, and they were hanging out with us for weeks on the property, swimming in the river and eating wild blackberries. They understood.

    1. Jared Post author

      Thanks Margo. Yes, the high production values Emilie and Jeremie managed to achieve makes me really happy.

  1. Mary Ann

    Congratulations on the book and the video! The video looks great. The chickens do look entertaining, and the pig really seems to be enjoying its snack! I love how some pictures are out of focus and then comes into focus.

    I will have to read your book. It sounds awesome.

  2. ilargia64

    I love the video…..Love the sheep and how quickly the cows run!!!!
    I like your voice….
    My congratulations!!!!! (you survived after all!!!!! 🙂 )

  3. Shannon

    Hi Jared – long time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful book. I’m stockpiling the last few chapters as I have read through it so fast!

    We have a little Araucana hen in our flock. Her name is Jo (after Jo Seager, the cook) and she seems to have much the same personality traits that your Francoise had. I cried when you wrote of her demise….

    Love the stories – keep it up.

    Shannon, Stanmore Bay (just north of Auckland)

    1. Jared Post author

      Hi Shannon – Thank you so much for commenting, and for your encouragement. They say very few blog readers actually comment, so every time someone does it makes me happy — still, after blogging here for over 4 years!

      I love that you named your Araucana after a cook. Excellent.

      Yes, it really was terrible when I found our little Francoise. I know a lot of proper farmers think I’m mad for being attached to our chickens, but oh well. Apparently that’s just the way I work. 🙂

      May your little Jo have a long and happy life.

      Take care,

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