What happened to the ‘Moon’?

Wisteria on the front deck with the olive grove in the distanceRecently I morphed my ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ blog into this new website called JaredGulian.com.

People have been asking me, “Why?”

The ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ blog has been my creative lifeblood for years. It led to the launch of our artisan extra virgin olive oil, a bunch of awards, a book deal with Random House New Zealand, a six-week stint on the NZ bestseller list, and major radio, newspaper, magazine and television coverage.

Ending the blog that’s led to all this goodness is something I don’t do lightly.

Moving on

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what my next creative project will be. It’s unlikely to be a ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ sequel, at least not now. (I do, however, reserve the right to change my mind at any point.)

Jared Gulian, author of Moon Over Martinborough

The day the book design arrived in the mail.

I’ve been writing stories about olives and chickens for over four and a half years – a new story every week for the first year, then a new story every month for the next three and a half years. That’s quite a run.

Now I find my brain’s going in other directions. I’m following it, like I always have. It’s always led me to good places.

I’ll continue sharing snippets of life on our tiny olive farm through my ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ Facebook and Twitter presences, at least for the foreseeable future. But the ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ blog is no more.

Authory stuff

My new website is an author website and blog. I’ll write from time to time about this or that thing I’m doing. I’ll share stuff. I might even tell a story about olives and chickens every once in a while. We’ll see.

The truth is, I’m not entirely sure what will happen next. But I’m inviting you to come along on the journey with me. Let’s see what we discover.

After all, whenever it looks like the end of something, it’s really just the beginning of something else.

What do you think? Am I doing the right thing? Leave a message in the comments below.

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54 thoughts on “What happened to the ‘Moon’?

  1. Liz

    Whatever floats your boat 🙂 It’s never a good idea to stand still creatively, so I for one salute your move in new directions – just don’t give up on Noo Zild, though – that would be unforgivable….

  2. annasalts

    Absolutely the right thing to do. Stay light on your feet and keep moving. I’d love to have a quick chat to you about the 2014 harvest. Let me know when you’re free and I’ll track you down. Anna TJ

  3. thecontentedcrafter

    I’m sorry the moon has gone – but absolutely understand that we all move on and must do so! I shall keep lurking about in your shadow, simply because I enjoy your humour and writing style – and shall watch with interest your further growth and adventures. Go well!

  4. Carolyn Atkinson

    Writing is a personal journey through different facets of life – you do it really well. My advice – from one who writes- explore, grow, share, express your life in writing and I for one will be waiting with anticipation to see ‘the new style’ and I am totally sure I won’t be disappointed.

  5. Jim of Jim Creek.


    I’ve followed your journey for about four years now. While growing to love your writing, and your transformation from city kid to the kiwi version of a country boy, I’ve grown in some ways, too. Your questions and expositions have allowed me the chance to think through my responses. And sometimes even write about it.

    With that in mind, I am very much looking forward to the evolution of your life, and how you will record it in this new space. I hope that you will continue to entertain and challenge us with your thoughts and words.

    1. Jared Post author

      It’s been great learning about your fantastic life through AareneX’s Haiku Farm and your blog too, which I can’t find now. I wonder if it’s no longer? It’s amazing to get to know people we’ve never met. Sometimes I’m still astounded by the internet!

    1. Jared Post author

      No, you’re not being thick. I perhaps made the transition from moonovermartinborough.com to jaredgulian.com a bit TOO seamless. You’re already there!

  6. Laura

    Good for you! It takes a lot of courage to leave the comforts of success and venture into the wild unknown, to be comfortable with simply not knowing (as opposed to being “confused”, which implies that you should know). I look forward to your new stretch! Will I need to re-subscribe?

    1. Jared Post author

      No need to re-subscribe, thanks. Old subscribers will continue to get updates from the new address, with of course the option to opt out at any time if they want.

  7. su gray

    Good move ahead. The Moon hasn’t left, it’s still there, but new things need a place to move into and creating the space is the first step.

  8. Diana Sharkey

    Even the Moon, Herself, sets. Only to rise anew, refreshed and transformed! As will you! I have admired your work, stories and life. Best wishes on the next part of your journey.

  9. Shona Geary

    I love that what you’ve done you’ve so enjoyed, and expressed that joy to the rest of us. It’s quite infectious you know. So roll on the next chapter. Exciting!

  10. Barbara Panettieri

    Amazing how many people you seem to have touched Jared, and many of them have never even met you in person! You must be doing something right, I am curious to see where the journey takes you. Glad it’s not a physical one though :).

    1. Jared Post author

      Thanks Barbara. I’m curious where it takes me too. But I don’t know – sometimes I think a physical journey would be easier on me! 🙂

  11. Gecko

    I wondered where you’d disappeared too! Good luck with the next exciting life chapter, I look forward to sharing the next 41/2 years with you.

  12. sotreadsoftly

    Your book, that I’m reading right now, has led me to your website. Similar to you, I’ve just ended a 7 year online adventure myself. Sometimes things just come to a natural end and you have to trust that further amazing things will take it’s place.
    Eager to try your olive oil. Will nip into Moore Wilson, Masterton tomorrow and grab myself a bottle.
    Right then, back to another chapter or two of your book before dinner.

    1. Jared Post author

      There’s a great quote I like (which either comes from ancient Roman philosopher Seneca or contemporary American pop band Semisonic – depending on who you talk to), but it says, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Good wisdom regardless of the source. 🙂

      Hope you can track down the oil. If you have trouble you can find it online here: http://www.martinboroughwinecentre.co.nz/category/manufacturers/moon-over-martinborough It was a good, dry year, so our blend is especially tasty this year. Enjoy!

  13. John Steven Green

    A Greek philosopher Heraclitus is connected to a similar concept “Panta rhei” meaning “everything flows”. So this is neither a beginning nor an end it’s just a change in the direction your creative waters are flowing. Be it rapids, waterfall or pool I look forward to your next creation

  14. Elizabeth Rose

    Jarod I love your book I read parts of it out to my coworkers we have a good laugh especially the part about the cast sheep & Kowhai & Lucy they sound adorable I’m going to make some gingermen biscuits I think I will use Golden Syrup instead of molasses we give our sheep pellets which has molasses in it they would kill for those pellets. It’s a very good way of controlling them because we don’t have a dog to round them up they would follow us to the ends of the earth when they see the white bucket if I jumped over the cliff with the bucket (which I most certainly wouldn’t do but you get my drift) they would jump over behind me it’s so fumny to,see them running after me with the bucket. We have 10 acres north of Carterton so they have a big space to chase after me. Anyway hope we get to read another of your books sometime. Have fun
    “Kia Ora”
    Elizabeth Rose

    1. Jared Post author

      Aha! There’s molasses in sheep pellets?! That explains a lot. Molasses is, I have to say, also what makes that gingerbread recipe in my book so yummy. Think twice before you replace with golden syrup. If there’s molasses in the gingerbread men, then you can use them to control your partner — just like you do the sheep. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for letting me know.

      1. Elizabeth Rose

        Thanks for that Jared I will take your advice & use molasses cant wait to make my first batch
        “Kia Ora”
        Elizabeth Rose

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