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About Jared Gulian

Expat American city boy on 20 acres with an olive grove in rural New Zealand. Best selling author and olive farmer.

Cover reveal for ‘An Olive Grove at the Edge of the World’

Blank book with white coverI have finally found a new cover for ‘An Olive Grove at the Edge of the World’ – the international edition of ‘Moon Over Martinborough.’ Check out this post to see the winner.

Thanks to a design competition I ran on 99designs, I received a total of 122 designs from designers all over the world. There were giant olives and farmyard scenes and a wide variety of visual styles.  Continue reading

‘Moon’ goes international – under a new title

Four years ago, Random House New Zealand published my book, ‘Moon Over Martinborough: How an American city boy became a Kiwi farmer.’ Time flies!

The print and ebook rights have now reverted back to me, and I’m working on a self-published international edition with a new title and cover. Many readers have asked me not to change the title. Here’s why I am. Continue reading

Reading as an act of civil disobedience

Jared Gulian reading 'Into the River'This photograph shows me doing something illegal. It seems innocent enough. There I am, a mild-mannered, middle-aged white guy, reading a book on the streets of Wellington, pretending to be shocked. But let there be no mistake. It was an unlawful act.

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Alien in the olive grove

Machine in the darkIt was dark when I got home. Standing on the front deck, I looked out into the pitch blackness towards the olive grove. I knew something was out there. I grabbed a flashlight and went down into the grove.

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4 author blogging lessons I found buried in my web stats

faded photograph of website statisticsLast week I spoke to some creative writing students about how authors can use social media to promote their work. Eventually one student asked me the inevitable question, “How many people read your blog?”

I get asked this a lot, and I understand why. Author website traffic is one of those supposedly secret things many aspiring writers are dying to hear about. Continue reading