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Tilly Lloyd reviews Moon Over Martinborough

Tilly Lloyd: Image credit CHRIS SKELTON-FairfaxNZ

Image credit: Chris Skelton FairfaxNZ

Tilly Lloyd is the Book Goddess of Unity Books, an award-winning independent bookshop in Wellington and one of my most favorite bookstores on the planet. She reviewed my book on Newstalk ZB the other day. Follow the link  to hear the 5-minute chat.

Newstalk ZB – Tilly Lloyd reviews ‘Moon’

Book launch media roundup

Jared Gulian reading at the Moon Over Martinborough book launchToday is the biggest full moon of 2013 — a Supermoon as it’s called. So I’m publishing a Superpost. I’m listing all the incredible things that have happened since I launched my book with Random House New Zealand on 7 June.

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Will the real ‘Rick’ please stand up?

Olive grove and the far hillsMy publisher was coming to lunch, and I was nervous. She wanted to see the property and meet CJ and me, but she wanted something else as well. She wanted to talk to CJ about changing his name.

What if it all went horribly wrong?

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Photo shoot in the olive grove

Olive Grove April 2010The man on my front deck looked like he had teleported through a time machine, straight out of the 1960s. He was wearing dark sunglasses with octagonal, gold wire frames. His sideburns were long.

“You must be Jared,” he said, shaking my hand. In his other hand, he held a camera.

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‘Moon’ Featured on

Moon through the apple treeWhen a major international software organization decides it wants to interview you, you thank the universe. Or at least I did., my blogging software, has just published a feature article about ‘Moon over Martinborough’ becoming a book from Random House New Zealand.

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Never give up: From blog to book

Cherry blossoms“I’m giving up,” I said. “‘Moon over Martinborough’ is never going to be a book.”

Ever since I’d started this blog I’d wanted to turn it into a book, but I was losing hope.

“Maybe you shouldn’t give up just yet,” Uncle Oscar replied.

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