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Alien in the olive grove

Machine in the darkIt was dark when I got home. Standing on the front deck, I looked out into the pitch blackness towards the olive grove. I knew something was out there. I grabbed a flashlight and went down into the grove.

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Twas a Moon over Martinborough Christmas

Santa's sleigh and reindeer in front of a full moon.Of course in New Zealand it’s summer at Christmas, and nobody would dream of putting on a big red suit that’s lined in fur.

Here’s my rendition of the famous poem, Kiwi Olive Grove style…

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‘Moon’ Featured on WordPress.com

Moon through the apple treeWhen a major international software organization decides it wants to interview you, you thank the universe. Or at least I did.

WordPress.com, my blogging software, has just published a feature article about ‘Moon over Martinborough’ becoming a book from Random House New Zealand.

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Interview about expat life in New Zealand

Books on a tableA while back, ‘Moon Travel Guides’ approached me and asked if they could interview me for the new edition of their book, ‘Living Abroad in New Zealand’.

Well, with a name like ‘Moon Travel Guides,’ how could I say no? Read the interview here.

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‘Moon’ makes headlines

Dorky picture of JaredThe Wairarapa Times-Age ran an article on ‘Moon over Martinborough’ last week. They asked me to pose sitting awkwardly on our fence, pretending to do a blog post with the olive grove behind me and a bottle of our oil beside me. I always write blog posts this way.

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