Moon Over Martinborough: The book

Jared Gulian surrounded by drawings of animals“Food for the soul.”
Booksellers New Zealand

“A delightful journey of discovery.”
The Dominion Post

“A heart-warming tale with many laughs and a few tears… written with wit and warmth.”
– Manawatu Standard

“I laughed out loud on the first page, and then got goosebumps a few pages after that… I was instantly engaged…”
Delaney Mes, food blogger

“One of the most delightful books I have read for some time. As I turn the final page, I feel like I am close friends with the author… Wonderfully written…”
– NZ Lifestyle Farmer magazine

The book story

In 2009 I started a blog called ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ about my misadventures as an American city boy living on a tiny olive farm in rural New Zealand. The blog became surprisingly popular and led to the book, which was published by Random House New Zealand in 2013. It was on the NZ bestseller list for 6 weeks and was serialized by Radio NZ. interviewed me just before and after the book came out:

Where to buy

Print version

E-book version

More reviews

“Fantastic! A great read! Hilarious! What else can be said about this book? It was just so refreshing to see farm life through the eyes of two Chicago city boys who learned to be olive farmers. .. Overall, the book is a great read and the drawings that accompany each chapter are superb. Jared often mentions a particular recipe for a special treat, such as carrot cake, and these have been included too. If you only read one book this year, this should be the one. Oamaru Mail” – Jacqui Webby, Oamaru Mail

“The specially commissioned line drawings are a lovely touch and I’m looking forward to the next wet weekend so I can try out a few of the recipes Jared swears by and which are nicely interspersed amongst the chapters as they appear in the story… it’s an endearing, funny and warmhearted read with plenty of close-to-home laughs and, for me, more than enough inspiration to be going along with. Waiheke Weekender” – Waiheke Weekender

“Very funny, very endearing… a comedy of small disasters and small triumphs… but also really beautifully written.” – Till Lloyd, Newstalk ZB Wellington

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5 thoughts on “Moon Over Martinborough: The book

  1. Jo Lucas

    Hi Jared,

    I received your book as a gift from my mother-in-law, who lives up the road from you in Masterton. My husband and I currently live in Sydney but your book definitely made us want to move back to paradise! Great read and such a lovely reminder of what makes NZ beautiful – the people, the scenery and the lifestyle.

    The recipes all sound amazing too. I’ve baked the scones and the carrot cake – total hit with all the family. Next on the list to try is the rolled roast lamb…

    1. Jared Post author

      Hi Jo – Thanks so much. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the stories and the food. Yes, NZ is a good place. Come back! :-)

  2. Jeff Briggs

    Hi Jared – a friend, raised in Waipuk but living in Melbourne for 20+ years, lent me your book & I love it. My wife & I did a wine tour a few years ago, & after Martinborough we went to Wellington. Of course we had to go over the Rimutaka Hill, & I know exactly what you wrote about. Despite it being Highway One I couldn’t get over “security fencing” made out of sticks & baling wire; this side of the ditch we have proper armco railing. We’ve been back since, but didn’t bother with Wellington.

    A couple of years ago I decided we should check out Farewell Spit on the South Island. Believe it or not the Takaka “Hill” is another fun drive, but not as bad as Rimutaka. Don’t get me started about the road to the top of Te Mata Peak.

    However, I believe the Rimutaka Drive is now a reasonably pleasant drive. Great book.

    1. Jared Post author

      Hi Jeff – Thanks very much. Yes, the Rimutaka Hill Road is better, but it still gets me. I’ve been on the road to Te Mata Peak too, and it’s definitely worse – but you have to admit the view from the top just about makes it worth risking your life to get there! Glad you enjoyed the book.


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